Here's This Week's "I'm Lovin' It"..For People That HATE Drinking Water!

My life has been a constant battle for hydration...mostly because I LOATHE WATER. Seriously. I hate the way it taste. I hate it cold. It makes me feel nauseous. I know, I have problems. The first part is admitting it. I don't drink soda, so my options are limited. I drink all the fuzzy waters and I choke down minimal amounts of plain water, but I hate every second of it. I found this at Target and thought I'd give it a shot. I was shocked when I enjoyed drinking it. I was more shocked when my youngest wanted to get some more to take to school! Hint has no sweeteners, no calories, no preservatives and it taste really good! Read more about it here:   Want to win some? Send your name & number to     

JTD in the Morning

JTD in the Morning

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