The Brands Parents Love

Parents can sometimes be creatures of habit and tend to stick with products and brands that they love, and a new report reveals just which brands they love the most. For the 2018 BRAND LOVE study, Smarty Pants surveyed more than 8,900 children and their parents to find out which brands they tend to go back to again and again.

So, what brand do parents love the most? Well, for a second year in a row, Amazon tops the list, followed very closely by Crayola, and then Netflix. Snacks are apparently very popular with moms and dads too, with five snack/confection brands making the Top Ten.

Parents' Top Ten Most Loved Brands

  1. Amazon
  2. Crayola
  3. Netflix
  4. Google
  5. Hershey's
  6. M&M'S
  7. Doritos
  8. Reese's
  9. Halos
  10. Kit Kat

Source: Yahoo Finance

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