Are You Sharing Your Bed? Are You A Violator of "Bed Etiquette"?

Sleeping in a bed with your partner can bring cuddles and comfort, but here’s where your S.O.’s hygiene habits make a big difference. Snuggling with your sweetie in bed can help you create a stronger bond, but some people make these nasty mistakes when sleeping in the same bed.

  • Not changing the sheets regularly - It’s good to clean your sheets routinely anyway, but when you’re sharing a bed with someone, it’s even more important. Family physician Navya Mysore points out there could be all kinds of gross things on your sheets and pillowcase, like dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and worse. So wash your bedding once a week.
  • Not washing their face before bed - Sleeping with makeup on can lead to breakouts, stain your bedding, and cause build up of certain oils and bacteria on your pillowcase and sheets.
  • Letting a pet in on the fun - Hey, we get it, snuggling up with your pup and your loved one is super cozy, but there are downsides to sleeping with your pet in your bed. Dermatologist Ava Shamban warns you can get fleas, fungus, bacterial infection, or even an allergic reaction to the fur for some.
  • Sharing pillowcases - If you’re not picky about your pillow, you might want to make sure you sleep on the same one every night because “pillowcases are often stained with saliva or even blood, especially if one has chapped lips or a facial cut from shaving,” explains dermatologistWilliam Kwan.
  • Using lots of product - Some moisturizers can stain sheets or make them sticky, pomades and oils for the hair can leave residue, and dry shampoo can leave stains as well, so be aware.
  • Getting into bed without showering - Not a night showerer? You still may want to rinse off at the end of the day before hopping into bed with your partner, otherwise allergist and internist Tania Elliott says you could be carrying all kinds of allergens, bacteria, and viruses into your love nest. And that’s definitely not romantic.
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