So, It’s The First Day Of Kindergarten

I have three kids. Some moments stand out more than others, but few more than their first day of Kindergarten. I can see it in my mind, truly like it JUST happened. I see each of them smiling and waving good bye. I see them turning around to walk into the classroom, the backpack hanging off of them, too big for their little body. It's one of those moments where you can feel your heart living outside your body...and walking into their first day of school. To this day, it still brings tears to my eyes. I think about it with each and every other "first" I've been honored to watch them experience. With each first comes the realization that they are growing up much faster than my mommy heart would like. that I've made myself cry do you get through it? That part is easier than you think.  

  1.  Plan a special breakfast, if you can. Make the mood will help you too, I promise! 
  2.  Write your child a note and put it in their backpack. They can look at it & will have a piece of you with them all day.
  3.  Take an OBNOXIOUS amount of pictures, seriously. Better yet, have someone else who isn't a mess do it for you. I never took enough and I regret it!  
  4. It's ok to cry! Smile, wave, and walk as fast as you can back to the car and let it out. A nicetherapeutic cry is the best medicine...just wait until they can't see you. You don't want them too worry about you, because they will....because you are still their everything.  
  5.  It's ok to NOT cry! Just because you don't cry doesn't mean you don’t feel how special this moment is. Process how you process because there in NO right or wrong way. Do you, that's the only right way.
  6.  Do something you enjoy! Go to Target, go get a carb loaded breakfast, go get a pedicure. Do something JUST for you. This is truly the day to be kind to yourself.  
  7. Call your Mom. Call your Best Friend. Email me! Talk to someone who has been there. It really does help just to know that we all really have felt exactly the way you are feeling. And we all got through it. You will too.
  8.  Finally, spring for the lotion Kleenex. Serious. You'll feel better tomorrow, but your face may not if you go cheap on this one. It will get easier everyday and before you know it, they'll be teenagers and you'll be counting the days until the start school!!!!!            
 Love,  Jackie
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