Would You Try To Eat This Burger??

There’s always one guy in a crowd who can’t resist a good eating challenge. Whether it’s a 60-ounce steak, the world’s hottest wings, or something with a bug in it, there’s always a guy who’ll eat anything just to show you he can. But if he’s an Arizona Cardinals football fan…there’s something really special coming this season.

This season, the food gluttons at University of Phoenix Stadium have something special in-store for that ultimate burger lover…and it’ll “only” set ya back $75. The Gridiron Burger weighs-in at an astonishing SEVEN POUNDS.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Five 1/3-pound burger patties
  • Five all-beef hot dogs
  • Five bratwursts
  • Twenty slices of American cheese
  • Eight slices of bacon
  • Eight chicken tenders
  • Twelve-ounces of fries
  • Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and “tanker sauce”…all on a 10-inch bun

If you’re able to down this beast, then you’ll be rewarded with a complimentary Arizona Cardinals jersey…and a picture honoring your accomplishment will be shown on the scoreboard during the game. No one’s sure of the total calorie count this thing is offering your bloodstream, but we’ve always said, “Go big or go home.”

Source: AZ Central

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