Brightside: Boy Shares Foul Ball With Another Boy

We’ve heard stories about adults at baseball games giving foul balls away to kids, but have you heard of another kid giving one away? That’s just what happened at a Detroit Tigers game this week. When 10-year-old Travis Blackwell got the foul ball, he decided to give it to an even younger fan, seven-year-old Michael Ogden.

Travis says that a couple years ago, he went to a game and got a ball and the experience made his day, so he wanted to give another kid that same feeling. He asked if he could give the ball to a boy nearby because it was his birthday.

Michael says it was awesome when Travis game him the ball, but these boys weren’t done spreading happiness. There was a little girl sitting behind them and Michael says he gave the ball to her and it was the first baseball she has ever had. Travis calls it a “line of awesomeness,” and we totally agree.

Source: CBS News

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