Brightside: Boy Shares Foul Ball With Another Boy

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We’ve heard stories about adults at baseball games giving foul balls away to kids, but have you heard of another kid giving one away? That’s just what happened at a Detroit Tigers game this week. When 10-year-old Travis Blackwell got the foul ball, he decided to give it to an even younger fan, seven-year-old Michael Ogden.

Travis says that a couple years ago, he went to a game and got a ball and the experience made his day, so he wanted to give another kid that same feeling. He asked if he could give the ball to a boy nearby because it was his birthday.

Michael says it was awesome when Travis game him the ball, but these boys weren’t done spreading happiness. There was a little girl sitting behind them and Michael says he gave the ball to her and it was the first baseball she has ever had. Travis calls it a “line of awesomeness,” and we totally agree.

Source: CBS News

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