Parenting In Five Words Or Less

Being a parent is like being on a roller coaster, there are ups, downs, and sideways moments and we never know what’s coming next. The stress and pressure of one of the most important jobs in the world can be overwhelming, so when we get the chance to commiserate and laugh about parenting with others who get what we’re dealing with, we’re all about it. Recently, parents shared their take on the job in the Twitter thread

#ParentingIn5WordsOrLess. Here are some of the best tweets:

  • “Choose your battles”
  • “Are you bleeding? You’re fine”
  • “Long days, but short years”
  • “Teaching them - worth every second”
  • “Where are your shoes, babe?”
  • “You will never sleep again”
  • “Wait, why is this wet?”
  • “Understanding why my parents drank”
  • “Go ask your mother”
  • “Love them a lot”
  • “Teach them to speak out”
  • “Where are your pants?”
  • “It doesn’t ever get easier”
  • “Do it. I said so”
  • “Did you ask your mom?”
  • “Would do it all again”
  • “It’s too quiet. What’s happening?”
  • “Didn’t you just eat?”
  • “Try harder, therapy is expensive”
  • “Is it bedtime yet?”
  • “Is that poop or chocolate?”

Source: The Stir

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