Is It Possible To Get Too Much Sleep? Yes. Yes It Is!

Is there such a thing as too much sleep? Gizmodo asked several experts this question and got a variety of answers--including, simply, "no." Below are four key excerpts from their survey:

  1. Shelby Harris: The vast majority of people—approximately 70 percent—need between six and nine hours of sleep a night. If you’re someone who needs more than nine hours on a regular basis, you might want to think about how restful your sleep is and if it is of good quality. Some people just require more sleep than others do, but there are many people who sleep long hours and are still excessively sleepy due to various sleep disorders."
  2. Michael Scullin: If you’re a healthy human being, then, no, you should not be concerned about sleeping too much.
  3. Kevin Morgan: Taking a broad bio-psycho-social perspective, there are a bunch of reasons why sleeping longer than you need to can have a downside: it can make you late for work; it places you out of sync with your family and friends; it encroaches on your wake-time and reduces opportunities for health-promoting physical activity (and in addition, increases your time spent unhealthily static); it attracts opprobrium, which can degrade your mood and self-esteem; it messes with your appetite hormones, destabilizing your experience of hunger and satiety—and last, but by no means least, because one of the most robust findings in longitudinal sleep epidemiology is that those who report the longest typical sleep durations (say, 10 hours+/night) also tend to die significantly earlier than those who report ‘average’ sleep durations.
  4. Kenneth Wright: Currently, there is no good experimental evidence that shows that if we give healthy adults the opportunity to sleep longer there are negative outcomes, whereas there is extensive experimental evidence to show that if adults sleep less than six to seven hours per night (there are likely individual differences), there are negative outcomes for cognition and metabolic health. Read more here: 
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