Most Americans Have A "Travel Bucket List"

posted by Tony Manero - 

While not everyone loves to travel, there are plenty of people out there who would love nothing more than to spend their days visiting all sorts of exotic places, and a new survey reveals where exactly those people are dying to go to.

A new survey by Love Home Swap finds that 77% of Americans have a travel bucket list, but unfortunately only 3% of Americans have actually visited destinations on that list. Not surprising, the top reason most people haven’t checked places off their bucket list is cost (85%), followed by not being someone who follows through (21%) and not having anyone to travel with (19%).

As for the destinations topping most people’s bucket list, Japan is the top choice (55%), followed by Finland (34%). Other top bucket list destinations include:

  • Thailand (34%)
  • Portugal (28%)
  • Argentina (26%)
  • Singapore (19%)
  • Croatia (14%)
  • Slovenia (5%)

Source: Biz Journals

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