Can’t Meditate? Experts Say These Things Count


If you’ve ever tried to meditate and felt like you couldn’t get it, we get it. Even if you’re sitting on the floor cross-legged with your eyes closed, it can be hard to empty your mind. But get this - there are all kinds of everyday tasks that count as meditation, it’s all in how you do them. Slow down next time you’re doing one of these chores and try to turn it into a peaceful moment that’ll help you chill out.

  • Washing dishes - Turn this everyday chore into a chance to meditate by being mindful and really paying attention to details. Instead of thinking about a work deadline or fight you had with your partner earlier, focus on the task - be aware of the dish scrubber, the shape of the plate, and the way the bubbles wash down the drain, and let it all relax you.
  • Drinking a cup of coffee - Most of us rush through the morning and gulp down our coffee in a hurry, but taking a few minutes to simply sit and enjoy your morning mug can be a form of meditation. Don’t multitask, just enjoy it- inhale the aroma, appreciate every warm sip, and try to clear your mind of any negative thoughts for a calming cup for coffee.
  • Walking your dogs - If you’re taking your fur babies out for a stroll, use the time to help you meditate. So don’t get on your phone or listen to a podcast, and instead focus on the ground under your feet and the sounds around you, like your pup breathing. Try not to rush, take it all in, and you just meditated, no silence or yoga mat required.
  • Taking a shower - Instead of thinking of everything you have to do that day, make your shower a meditative experience. Close your eyes, breathe in the scents of your body wash or soap, feel the water on your skin, and try not to let your mind wander to your to-do list to make the most of your peaceful meditation.
  • Making dinner - Since meditation really just means you’re present in the moment, you can even do it while you’re in the kitchen cooking. Again, don’t try to multitask, just relax and smell the spices, watch the water boil, listen to the sizzle, and you squeezed in a meditation while making dinner.
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