Fall Foods You Shouldn't Eat

We all have favorite seasonal foods and fall is full of them. But before you eat your way through autumn, check out this list of what to avoid.

  • Conventional apples - It’s apple season, so bring on the pies, ciders, and crumbles, just make sure you go organic because conventional apples are one of the fruits that get the most pesticides.
  • Canned soup - It can be a comfort food as the weather cools down, but canned foods are highly acidic, can be packed with sodium, and contain BPA, a toxic chemical linked to all kinds of issues, from diabetes to a higher risk of breast and prostate cancer. So stay healthy and stick to making homemade soup this fall.
  • Conventional potatoes - Root vegetables, like potatoes, absorb herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides from the soil and you can’t just wash them and be safe. So add these to your list of things to buy organic.
  • Snack bars - Read the ingredient list on your afternoon snack bar, lots are loaded with added sugars, fats, and processed ingredients. If you’re looking for one healthier than a candy bar, try Lara Bars, RX Bars or Perfect Bars.
  • Flavored yogurt - These are also filled with added sugars, so skip the flavors and go with plain yogurt and add some fresh fruit.
  • Chicken wings - No one expects you to watch the game with kale chips, but skip the fried or extra saucy wings that are packed with calories and fat and try a healthier baked or grilled version instead.
  • Conventional green beans - Like apples and potatoes, non-organic green beans contain an “unsettling amount” of pesticides, so always go organic with these.
  • Sugary drinks - We’re not trying to rain on your pumpkin spice parade, but the trendy fall Starbucks drink contains so much sodium, saturated fat, and sugar, it gives your brain a rush similar to the reaction of certain addictive drugs. Sorry to say, you’re much better off with regular coffee.
  • Caramel corn - While popcorn isn’t that bad for you, drenching it in sugar and fat is.
  • Cranberry sauce - This seasonal favorite has the same issue as a lot of bad-for-you foods: sugar. Canned is worst, so making it yourself with less sugar is better for you.
  • Canola oil - All that fall baking calls for canola oil, which is highly inflammatory and often includes GMOs, so keep that in mind when reading recipes.

Source: Delish

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