People Had Feelings When MAC Didn’t Edit Out A Model’s Facial Hair

We’re used to seeing poreless, hairless, and pretty much perfect images of models for beauty brands, so when one company decided to leave things natural in an Instagram post, people had opinions. MAC Cosmetics shared a photo of a model in an Instagram post wearing their Chestnut Lip Pencil and in the close up image, you can actually see hairs on her upper lip. Cue the shock and horror.

Some folks encouraged MAC for their realistic post, others not so much. “What about the moustache on her mouth?” users criticized, and another asked why MAC “Couldn’t Photoshop her whiskers out?”

Followers who were not a fan of the hair-shaming came to the model’s defense. There were lots of messages of support and love for the not-perfect post and for MAC’s natural approach. An encouraging user posted, “Love this image, keep up the good work. Real is best!” And another called out other beauty brands to “get real” because “Nobody is hairless, right?”

MAC hasn’t announced plans to keep their images natural and unedited, but with other companies, like Urban Decay promoting 'real skin' on their Instagram, this is trend we hope to see more.

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