How Long It Takes Couples To Get Comfy

When we’re in a new relationship, we use all kinds of events to measure the progress of our romance. We note when we have our first kiss, the first sleepover as a couple, and the first time we say “I love you.” Some happen faster for some than others and now thanks to a new survey, we can see how long it takes others to feel totally comfortable around their partners.

The survey by Mattress Advisor asked 1,000 people about subtle signs of intimacy, like walking around naked and wearing a retainer to bed with their S.O. And it turns out, there are major differences between men and women, with the fellas taking a lot less time to get comfy in front of their sweeties in most cases. Take sleeping naked with a new partner - that tends to take men an average of 2.8 months to feel comfortable, but for women, it’s more than a month longer at 3.9 months.

Here’s the average time it takes for men and women to get comfortable with these sleepover habits:

  • Leave the bed unmade: Men 2.8 months, women 4.0 months
  • Shave: Men 2.8 months, women 4.7 months
  • Kiss your partner with morning breath: Men 3.1 months, women 4.6 months
  • Walk around the bedroom naked: Men 3.1 months, women 4.5 months
  • Wear a retainer to bed: Men 3.4 months, women 8.8 months
  • Shower together: Men 3.8 months, women 5.2 months
  • Leave a toothbrush at your S.O.’s : Men 4.5 months, women 5.4 months
  • Tell your partner they snore too loudly: They’re equal on this one: Men 4.7 months, women 4.7 months
  • Fart in bed: Men 5.3 months, women 8.5 months
  • Use the bathroom with the door open: Men 5.5 months, women 8.6 months
  • Snoop through your partner’s phone while they’re asleep: Men 6.8 months, women 6.1 months
  • Ask for an extra house key: Men 7.7 months, women 8.8 months

Source: Independent

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