How You Feel About Making The Bed Says A Lot About You, Allegedly.

Are you someone who makes your bed as soon as you wake up? Well, if so, you may be having more sex than your friends who don’t make the effort.

A new survey claims that whether or not you make your bed in the morning can reveal a lot about your, and apparently those who do make the bed tend to have more sex than those who don’t. Those who make the bed have sex about three times a week, while those who don’t only get some about two times a week.

Of course, just because people make the bed, doesn’t necessarily mean they like doing so. In fact, the survey finds that 42% of bed makers say their partner is the reason the do it, with another third saying they’d be turned off by a partner who didn’t make their bed in the morning.

  • In general, the survey finds that those who make the bed tend to be morning people who wake up without their alarm. Their average nap lasts about 43 minutes, and they tend to be more adventurous, confident, sociable and high-maintenance. As for their hobbies, they like jazz music, and watch episodes of “House Hunters” and romantic movies. 
  • Meanwhile those who don’t make their beds tend to be night people, who snooze their alarm before waking up. Their naps last about 50 minutes, and they’re more likely to be a rock music fan, and enjoy episodes of “Seinfeld” and comedy movies. They also tend to be shy, moody, curious and sarcastic. 
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