WATCH: Rescuers Save Dogs From Florence Flood


Hurricane Florence hammered the Carolinas, leaving a deadly path of floods and destruction. But in times of crisis, we hear about heroes who put their own lives at risk to save others.

Sometimes, the ones who need to be rescued have four legs.

Volunteers braving the floodwaters of Leland, North Carolina heard several terrified dogs who were abandoned by their owners inside a large locked cage. 

With water quickly rising, the desperate dogs was clinging to a fence and standing on the hind legs to keep their heads above water.

Luckily, Ryan Nichols and other volunteers were able to wade through the water to unlock the cage. The dogs immediately swam toward the rescuers and then to higher ground. 

With floodwater quickly rising, the rescuers reached the dogs just in time and are all safe. (Unilad

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