Kids Are Hacking New Apple Parental Controls

With almost every kid growing up with phones and tablets in their hands, new technology is trying to help parents control their usage. But not all technology is perfect, neither are parental controls like Apple’s new “Screen Time” feature… especially because kids nowadays are also adapting to the new tech.

Screen Time lets parents place various restrictions on a device for their kids, controlling how long they use certain apps, locking them out once its bedtime, and more. But recent posts to Reddit reveal that kids are actually figuring out how to hack these controls in their favor. Like one user who says that their child figured out they could get more play time on their favorite apps by reinstalling the game over and over again.

Another user says that when it comes to the bedtime restriction, their clever kid simply changed the date on the phone and voila. So, there may be something to the old-fashioned method of collecting the device at night and stashing it. Take notes, parents!

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