Most Americans Haven’t Taken A Vacation In More Than A Year

We all know that taking a vacation is good for the body and mind, but it seems more and more Americans aren’t taking the breaks they really need.

A new survey finds that 51% of Americans haven’t taken a vacation, defined as a leisure trip of at least a week, in more than a year, with 40% saying they haven’t gone on one in more than two years. Meanwhile, only 30% of Americans say they’ve taken a vacation in the past four to 12 months, while 20% have taken one within the past three.

And not only are people not taking vacations, but many of them don’t see them as all that important. Believe it or not,  41% of people say they don’t see the importance of taking a vacation. And while 58% of Americans did say an annual vacation is important to them, that is down from 65% in 2016.

  • Regardless of how important taking a vacation may be, a lot of folks aren’t all that confident they’ll be going anywhere in the next year. In fact, 41% of Americans aren’t confident they’ll take an annual vacation, which is the lowest number since the tail end of 2009’s Great Recession, when only 44% said they were confident about taking a trip.
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