Plenty Of Americans Are Interested In Getting Some Work Done

While these days the media is always trying to get out the message of people being confident in their own skin, that isn’t stopping a lot of people from wanting to change the way they look, and a lot are thinking about going under the knife to do so.

A new poll finds that 37% of adults are thinking about having some sort of cosmetic treatment in the next year, with 34% thinking about nonsurgical procedures, and 24% interested in surgical ones. And it’s not just older people who are looking to get some work done. In fact 49% of those under 45 are considering a procedure in the next year, while only 28% of those 45 and older are. As for genders, both men and women are equally interested (37% women, 38% men).

What specific treatments are most popular? When it comes to cosmetic dentistry (like Invisalign), whitening and veneers, is the non-surgical procedure most people are thinking about...while a tummy tuck is the most popular surgical procedure (32%).

Top Five Non-Surgical Procedures of Those Considering A Procedure

  1. Cosmetic dentistry (36%)
  2. Nonsurgical fat reduction (29%)
  3. Laser hair removal (27%)
  4. Facial skin treatments (26%)
  5. Facial / Lip Fillers (24%)

Top Five Surgical Procedures of Those Considering A Procedure

1. Tummy tuck (32%)2. Liposuction (26%)3. Eyelid surgery (21%)4. Chin or Neck lift (20%)5. Breast augmentation (16%)5. Facelift (16%)

As for why people are considering getting work done:

  • 43% say it’s to improve self-esteem and feel confident
  • 34% say it’s to make them look as good as they feel
  • 32% say it’s to help with weight loss/fat removal
  • 23% say it's to look younger
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