Moms Are Ditching Hospital Gowns To Give Birth In A Fancy One

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While moms have a million things to think about when they’re going into labor with their baby, there’s new trend of women saying no to the hospital issue gown so they can wear something cuter while bringing their bundle of joy into the world. Some mamas that care about style in the delivery room are bringing their own gowns to give birth in. Brands like Pretty Pushers and Gracefully Birthed sell labor gowns that women like because they’re much more fashionable than the snap-sleeve thing they give you that another patient had on hours ago.

These fancier frocks are still made with strategic openings for fetal monitors, IVs, anesthesia and nursing, so mom can look and feel put together in the delivery room, if she’s looking for a more stylish birth experience. Kim Roemer, a labor and delivery nurse who founded Posh Pushers with a colleague in 2011 after hearing patients complaining about the shapeless, scratchy sacks they were given in the hospital explains, “They’re basically functional hospital gowns, but they come in different sizes and are more comfortable.”

Social media has definitely helped boost the popularity of the trend. Because who wants to have their baby in a boring old hospital gown after seeing their friend on Insta wearing an adorable floral frock to have her darling daughter? And bringing your own makes for a much prettier first photo.

But labor and delivery nurse Marisa Masciotti-Peer has a word of warning for her patients who want to wear something cute while birthing their baby. “I warn my patients, if this is something you want to keep forever, you might want to wait until after delivery to put it on,” she says. Things do tend to get messy, so saving it to have something nice to put on after baby is born is a good option, too.

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