RELATIONSHIPS: How to Make Friends Easily

Making friends as an adult is hard … but it is possible. Most people have their core group of friends and either aren’t looking for more friends or just don’t have the time to spare to build new friendships. But if you move or are looking to branch out, it’s important to find a new social circle.

Studies have shown that strong friendships and a good social life are important to a long and healthy life. Have you ever noticed that some people are just really good at making new friends? According to experts, here’s what they do to build relationships with new people:

  • They reach out first instead of waiting for people to come to them: You don’t have to be a wallflower because you don’t know anyone. Take the initiative and start a conversation or join a conversation! According to Dr. William Chopik, a social-personality psychologist and assistant professor at Michigan State University, “Some of the most superficial relationships -- which later grow into more meaningful ones -- start with people sharing basic interests, hobbies, opinions or aspirations. You won't know any of these things without first talking to people.”  
  • They don’t use their phone as a crutch when they are out in public: Engage with the people around you instead of hiding behind your screen. It’s a great way to interact and make small talk. 
  • They have a positive attitude: Being positive is attractive and draws other people to you. Smiling, having a good disposition and exuding positive energy makes people want to get to know you. 
  • They are good listeners: Everyone wants to be heard. If you take the time to listen and show interest, people will want to talk to you! 
  • They have a way of putting people at ease: This takes practice, but people who make friends easily are able to walk the line between being polite and respectful and comfortable and easygoing -- so it feels like you are already friends when first meeting them. 
  • They are comfortable trying new things on their own: Even if it’s just going to a movie alone or taking your dog to a new park, people who make friends easily are comfortable doing things solo and meeting new people along the way. (She Knows)
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