RELATIONSHIPS: Your Co-Workers Can Affect Your Marriage

Laughing group of coworkers in conference room

When it comes to saying “I do,” there are no guarantees that it will last forever. While there’s no doubt that your work schedule, or lack thereof, can be a contributing factor to divorce, a new study has found that it’s not just how much time you put in at the office, but also who you work with that can be a major risk factor in whether your marriage stands the test of time.

The research, published in the journal Biology Letters, found that the more co-workers you have of the opposite sex, the higher the chance you might get divorced. The study analyzed divorce rates between 1981 and 2002 and found that married women who work in an office with a lot of men are 10 percent more likely to get divorced than married women who work mostly with other women.

Married men who work with more women are 15 percent more likely to get divorced than married men who work with mostly other men. Not surprisingly, the numbers are even higher for both sexes if the opposite sex co-workers are also younger … (Buzz 60)

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