These DIY Kits Let Kids Create Their Own Halloween Costumes

Most kids live for Halloween and the chance to dress up as anything they want and get literal buckets of free candy, but before the trick-or-treating, they have to actually decide on a costume. And every parent knows this is where things can get tough. Buying costumes can get expensive and it’s not always easy to find what they want, but this year there are kits that let kids build their own DIY costumes and it could be the perfect fix to the dress-up woes.

KiwiCo’s Build-Your-Own-Costume kits come in options including a dinosaur, a unicorn, a fairy or butterfly, and a flying saucer. They include everything needed to make the costume of your kid’s choice, so they can create their masks, capes, and wings and they just wear their own clothes underneath. And since the kiddos use creativity to put their own spin on the costume, even if two kids order the same kit, the costumes won’t look exactly alike.

Each costume in the line also has a working mechanical or electronic element and the idea is to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM). And maybe since the kids can design their own costume, they won’t change their mind four times about what they want to be for Halloween like they usually do.

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