Clever Girl Asks Tooth Fairy To “Take A Selfie” To Prove She’s Real

When your kids are young enough, they just believe all the things you tell them, like Santa bringing presents at Christmas and the Easter Bunny delivering baskets of goodies at Easter. But when they get a little older, they start to question some of the stories and magic and one Florida mom had a great response when it happened at her house.

Kristen Hewitt of Fort Lauderdale recently shared a story on Facebookwith a photo of a hand-written note her nine-year-old daughter Lila left for the Tooth Fairy. When Lila’s little sister, Emy, lost a tooth, big sis took the chance to figure out more about the mysterious character.

Her letter reads:

“Dear Hewitt Tooth Fairy,

Thank you for watching over us and our teeth! By us I mean me and Emy! Obviously I was wondering, why do fairy’s (and sparrows) not show themselves to people? My password is 2009 on my iPad in Emy’s room if you could please take a selfie! If you don’t want to type in my password just swipe right. PLEASE, Lila, P.P.S What’s your name?”

Hewitt was impressed when she found the note, which was written in cursive as well as printed, just in case the Tooth Fairy couldn’t read cursive. And what better way to get proof of her existence than asking for a selfie? So how did mom handle it? The Tooth Fairy left a note explaining that she can’t be seen or she’ll lose her magic powers, so she couldn’t snap a selfie. Plus, since they don’t have iPads in Tooth Fairy-ville, she didn’t even know what an iPad was. And with that, this mom keeps the “magical parts of childhood” that she loves alive a little longer.

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