Things To Help Boost Your Confidence

There comes a point in everyone’s life where they need something to boost their confidence and make them feel better about themselves and what will actually provide that boost can be different for different people. Well, a new poll finds that it doesn’t actually have to be anything major to give people the confidence boost they need. In fact, quite often it’s small little things that can do the trick.

According to the survey, one of the most popular confidence boosters is a new haircut (64%), followed by wearing a new outfit (56%) and doing a good deed (53%). Other popular confidence boosters include:

  • Listening to one of your favorite songs (44%)
  • Exercising (38%)
  • Shopping (36%)
  • Talking to a close friend (35%)
  • Receiving a compliment from your boss (35%)
  • Knowing you smell good (34%)
  • Talking to a family member (33%)
  • Promotion at work (29%)

And it seems Americans are getting a lot of those confidence boosters every day. In fact, the average American says they experience two a day, with many saying they could use three. As for the time most people need a confidence boost, it’s apparently 12:30 pm, while summer was taped as the most confident season.

Source: SWNS Digital

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