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This time of year it may be hard to get your kids to think about anything other than candy and who can blame them, trick-or-treating is the best. But if you want to get your little ones to learn to appreciate the season and spirit of Thanksgiving ahead of the holiday, one mom has a clever idea that can help: the “Thankful Pumpkin.”

Carolyn Henderson Copeland posted her meaningful project on Facebook and explained how it works. Every night for the month of November, she and her kiddos write new things they’re thankful for on their “Thankful Pumpkin.” It’s just that easy and as the month goes on and gets closer to Thanksgiving, the gourd is a visual reminder of all the special things the family is grateful for.

It’s simple and significant at the same time and it also makes a lovely decoration. Copeland’s post has gotten over 68,000 shares and more than 27,000 likes and lots of folks say they love the idea. Maybe this could become a sweet family tradition at your house, and hey, that’s one less pumpkin you have to carve!

Source: The Stir

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