STUDY: Wool PJs Help You Sleep

Ladies, the next time you get an eye roll from your significant other about how your wool pajamas aren’t the sexiest bedtime attire, you can offer a really good reason for wearing them. A new study out of the University of Sydney found that wearing PJs made of merino wool gives you a better night’s sleep than any other night wear.

According to the research, the soft wool helps your body reach its "thermal comfort zone" faster and helps maintain that temperature throughout the night so you never get too hot or too cold. Hey, if it works for sheep, why not humans?!

Even better, the research found that since you get to that comfy temperature so quickly, you fall asleep faster. Research participants fell asleep four minutes faster when wearing wool PJs. And once you fall asleep, you stay asleep -- because you are so comfortable. What's not to like? (Country Living)

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