HALLOWEEN: Beware of Lice

Trying on masks and wigs at your local costume store is turning into a real life horror movie for a whole lot of people. According to doctors, lice is on the rise -- and it's because of contaminated costumes. Apparently when you’ve got lots of people trying on the same wigs and masks in a short span of time, the chances of contracting lice goes way up.

And if you think you can spot them before trying stuff on – think again. The chances of actually seeing lice in a wig are slim to none. According to doctors, it only takes seconds of contact with the bugs to get yourself infested.

If you really need a wig for your costume, choose one that is packaged in a closed container or bag that hasn’t been tampered with, and don’t try anything on in the store. Creepy crawlies go hand in hand with Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you actually want any of them crawling around on you!

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