Getting A Dog Could Get You More Dates

We’ve all seen TV shows and movies where the guy gets a dog to pick up the girl and then they live happily ever, but this one actually works in real life too, it seems. Recent research suggests that people with dogs are often perceived to be more approachable and happier, which makes them ideal partners.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute says having a dog shows others you’re nurturing and capable of taking care of something else and that’s like some kind of mating call. She explains. “It says you can care for a creature, that you can follow a schedule, get home to feed it, that you can walk it and love it and spend time with it.”

And according to a recent survey, owning a pet can be a make or break for singles looking for love. Close to a third of the 1,200 people surveyed admit to being “more attracted” to someone because they’re a pooch parent. More than half said they’d be more inclined to date someone who considered adopting an animal and the majority of folks consider it a deal breaker - admitting they wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone who didn’t like pets.

So if you’re single and thinking about getting a pet, it could help you land more dates. And even if it doesn’t you’ll still have someone who loves you waiting for you at home at the end of the day.

Source: Women's Health

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