Most Americans Delay Going To The Doctor

While there are some hypochondriacs who probably head to the doctor with ever sneeze or ache they suffer, it turns out most Americans aren’t so quick to seek professional help with something that ails them.

According to a new survey, 60% of Americans have put off going to the doctor. In fact, the average person will wait up to 11 months between the time they realize they have a medical issue and when they go to seek care. As for why folks stay away, sadly, 51% say it’s due to financial concerns, while 42% simply don’t believe their condition is serious enough and 30% chalk it up to just being too busy.

Meanwhile, the conditions folks are most likely not to seek care for include general aches and pains, followed by a sprain or insomnia.

Top Ten Things People Are Least Likely To Seek Medical Attention For

  1. General aches and pains
  2. Sprain
  3. Insomnia/sleep problems
  4. Ringing Ears
  5. Stiffness
  6. Back pain
  7. Infected cut
  8. Hearing loss
  9. Continuous headaches
  10. Earaches

Source: SWNS Digital

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