Easiest (And Cheapest) Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Ever

Need a last-minute Halloween costume idea? Here are a bunch that are super-easy and cheap to make and guaranteed to make people laugh:

  • Tape empty candy wrappers to a black t-shirt and go as a movie theater floor.
  • Wear neutral-colored clothing and stick a bunch of Post-Its all over yourself. You're a bulletin board!
  • Don a yellow, knee-length, long-sleeved dress (or coat) and grab an umbrella. You're the Morton Salt girl!
  • Write a cryptic pun on a t-shirt. For example, spell out "GO CEILING!" with a Sharpie or by affixing stick-on letters. You're a ceiling fan; get it?
  • Or make an ironic Halloween costume by writing on a shirt, "Error 404. Costume not found."
  • Read more here https://www.lifehack.org/321899/15-halloween-costume-hacks-that-help-you-save-money
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