Goodbye To Plastic Bags In Albuquerque?

Courtesy of KRQE:

Plastic bags can be found in almost every store in Albuquerque, but while most people agree they're not the most environmentally friendly option, the bans have stirred up debate around the country, even up in Santa Fe.  

Now one Albuquerque woman has launched an online petition urging everyone to push the city for a ban on plastic shopping bags. 

"I think that would be better because they are just everywhere, flying everywhere," said Eva Vigil.  

The petitioner says she feels it's time Albuquerque gets in on the trend of banning or taxing plastic bags.

"Like in California they charge 10 cents a bag and it's great," said Rodney Garley.

In cities like Santa Fe, Seattle and Austin, people must bring their own reusable bags when they shop. Smiths is one of the latest companies to get in on the trend, saying they plan to be plastic bag free by 2025. 

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