HEALTH: Step on the Scale

When you’re trying to lose weight the scale can be your worst enemy. For a long time, experts in the field stressed not weighing yourself more than once a week because it can be discouraging. But according to new research out of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, San Francisco, weighing yourself daily just might be the key to losing weight consistently.

The study followed 1,000 people over the course of a year. Those who measured their weight daily lost 1.7 percent of their body weight during the year -- an amount the researchers called significant. On the other hand, those who never weighed themselves, or only weighed themselves once a week, did not lose any weight that year.

According to the study authors, stepping on the scale daily isn’t just a good way to keep yourself in check. It also teaches you how certain foods and lifestyle habits can impact your body. Might be worth a try -- but it also might take some of the fun out of holiday eating… (Newsweek)

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