Oscar Mayer Declares Hot Dogs ARE Sandwiches


People have been arguing about food since the beginning of time and some debates are still going strong, like whether pineapple has a place on pizza. And Oscar Mayer did their best to settle another long-standing food question recently by declaring that “hot dogs ARE sandwiches.”

First, the company asked the question on Twitter, tweeting that they believe hot dogs to be sandwiches. Then they asked followers to call a hotline to try to change their mind about the issue, but people were happy to share their opinions on Twitter as to what the word “sandwich implies. Someone tweeted that “the bread cannot attach at either side,” for it to be classified as a sandwich, and another user explains that “any meat you put in bread will be considered a sandwich.” Someone else argued that sandwiches are often cut in half and anyone eating a hot dog would be “soooo upset” if it was served in two halves.”

In the end, Oscar Mayer says the public didn’t sway its decision and they maintain their stance on hot dogs being sandwiches. And they’re so sure they’re right, they’ve temporarily changed the name of their Weinermobile to a “Sandwichmobile” and they even changed the vehicle’s official Twitter handle, too. Too bad they’re wrong on this one.

Source: Fox News

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