Pediatricians Say Nope To Spanking

  • Guidance published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1998 suggested not spanking children
  • The guidelines have been updated to give a stronger “no” to spanking
  • Instead pediatricians are tasked with helping parents in developing a different method

Guidelines against spanking and other physical forms of punishment have been around for decades, and now, the America Academy of Pediatrics is doubling dow. In guidance released in the journal "Pediatrics," the group recommends using “healthy forms of discipline” such as positive reinforcement, and setting limits and expectations.

The organization says spanking and other forms of physical punishment, threatening, insulting, and shaming are OUT. Instead, pediatricians are now tasked with sharing data on available discipline options and helping parents choose what to use.

Time outs are recommended for toddlers and preschoolers, while the preferred means for older children is letting natural consequences play out. In the case of running into traffic, that natural consequence is having to hold the parent’s hand while crossing the street from now on.

Source: CNN

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