RELATIONSHIPS: Your Happy Marriage Is Making You Fat

Being in a serious relationship can be wonderful. You have stability, love, friendship, and a teammate for life. Unfortunately, it can also make you put on a bunch of weight! According to a new study out of Central Queensland University, married people are more likely to be overweight than single people ... even though married people are more conscious of what they eat and eat healthier than their single peers!

Researchers concluded that the weight gain is directly linked to commitment and living together. Statistically, newlyweds put on between 4 and 5 pounds in their first year together -- and it can balloon from there. Researchers explain, “Happy relationships lead to weight gain because meals are shared and partners feel secure. Fat and happy is, according to science, a real phenomenon.” So if you’re a little plumper since getting serious with your partner, that might actually be a good thing! (The Ladders)

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