The Common Mistake People Make With Their Tree

If you haven’t done it already, chances are you’ll be putting up your tree over the weekend. Can you guess the most common mistake people make when decorating the tree?

According to the design experts at BrightBazaar, it's putting the light on last. That’s a big no-no if you want your tree to look flawless.

They explain, “Often we have emotional connections and memories related to various baubles that we rush to decorate the tree with them. The result is either a tree wrapped with unsightly wires or lots of damaged ornaments on the floor.”

Instead, be sure to hang the lights first, walking completely around the tree to do it – no zig zags or vertical lights. And be sure to tuck the lights into the branches as you go to make them seem nearly invisible. After getting the lights just right, get to decorating!

And if you’re tree is particularly tall, you might want to put your topper on before even hanging the lights. That way none of your light hanging work will get disrupted because you have to squeeze between branches or bend the top of the tree to arrange the topper. (Real Simple)

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