"Baby It's Cold Outside" Cut From Cleveland Radio Station After #MeToo

Cleveland-based radio station WDOK 102.1 will no longer play the song "Baby It's Cold Outside" after a listener complained that it was inappropriate in the age of #MeToo. The station, which exclusively plays Christmas music during the holidays, says it held a poll on its website and that a majority of listeners voted for the track to be removed from rotation. USA Today previously reported that the song's lyrics display signs of rape culture. "In the original score, the male part is written as a 'wolf' and the woman as a 'mouse'–that speaks volumes about male predatory behavior," wrote Mary Nahorniak. Others have countered that "Baby It's Cold Outside" was written in the 1940s, when it would have been a scandal for an umarried woman to stay over at a man's house. 

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