Most Parents Lie To Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive

One of the great joys of Christmas is seeing the reactions of children during the holiday season, and it seems a lot of parents will do whatever they can, even lie, to make sure their kids don’t lose the excitement and wonder that comes with the holidays.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds that 86% of parents feel that it’s important to keep Christmas magic alive for their kids, with three quarters of parents resorting to telling white “lies” to do so. Overall, parents will tell, on average, eight white lies over the holiday season, and they can cover a whole host of things, including that Santa’s sleigh is driven by Reindeer, that Santa keeps a list of good and bad kids and more.

In addition to fibbing, parents will take lots of steps to make sure their kids believe in all that Christmas has to offer. In fact, 40% of parents say they post their kids’ Christmas lists to the North Pole, while 25% will use elf on the shelf to keep them in line. And to make sure their kids still believe in Santa, 30% will track the big guy using an app.

Top 10 Things Parents Tell Their Kids To Keep The Magic Of Christmas Alive

  1. Santa’s sleigh is driven by flying Reindeer
  2. Santa keeps lists of good and bad children to decide who gets presents on Christmas Eve
  3. Santa lives in Lapland
  4. Children must be asleep by midnight on Christmas Eve or Santa won't come
  5. Elves make presents in Santa's workshop in the North Pole
  6. Santa's elves wrap all the presents
  7. Naughty children get a lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas
  8. If Santa can't get in through a Chimney he puts on his 'silent shoes' and comes in through the front door
  9. If you open your eyes when you hear Santa dropping off the presents he disappears
  10. Santa visits various grottos around the world in the lead up to Christmas to meet children and find out what they want for Christmas 

Source: SWNS Digital

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