Parents Only Have Ten Years To Influence Kids’ Taste In Music

Any parent will tell you they are forced to listen to some truly annoying music to make their kids happy, but many will do whatever they can to make sure their kids eventually grow out of that and listen to something good. Well, it turns out, parents don’t have many years to influence that musical taste. 

A new survey by Deezer finds the latest parents have to influence their kids musical tastes is age 10, with 82% of parents saying their kids are still open to hearing new music until that age. But once they hit ten forget about it. The survey notes that after that age, they are more likely to dislike music they don’t know or hear often.

And a kid's musical taste is really important to a lot of moms and dads. In fact, 85% say it’s important their kids experience different musical styles, although parents do hope their kids wind up sharing their own taste in music. It seems 75% of parents try to get their kids to like their favorite songs. And apparently dads are more invested in kids sharing their musical taste, with 83% of fathers wanting them to have the same taste in music, as opposed to 60% of mothers.

Source: Today

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