STUDY: Don’t Drink Coffee First Thing in the Morning

Most of us can’t imagine not having a cup of coffee as soon as we stumble out of bed in the morning, but according to a new study, you really shouldn’t have your morning coffee for at least an hour after waking up.

According to the research, when you first wake up, your body’s production of cortisol is at its peak. Cortisol, most commonly known as the stress hormone, is also the hormone that makes us feel alert and awake. If you have caffeine while your body is already at peak cortisol-production, it teaches your body to produce less cortisol.

Basically, you’re lessening the effects of the caffeine and the cortisol and you’ll end up feeling more tired and less alert later on in the day. Instead, you should wait an hour before enjoying that first sip of coffee. (WKRN)

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