The Top Pinterest Trends for 2019...Just Keep Pinning!

These days plenty of people live and die by what they see on Pinterest, and now the popular social media platform is telling folks what to expect in the coming year.

Pinterest just announced their 100 Pinterest Trends for 2019, falling in a variety of areas including travel, hobbies and interests, health and wellness, food, celebrations and more. Trends making the list have seen an increase search interest in the past year.

Among the trends expected in 2019:

  • Zero waste travel - Including strategic and sustainable packing, eating and even hotel-ing. (Searches up 74%)
  • Surprise destination trips – Seems more and more people are into gathering friends for a trip and not revealing where until they get there. (up 192%)
  • Bakuchiol (Be-koo-key-ol') – If you’re looking for clear skin, this natural gentler alternative to retinol is all the rage. (up 275%)
  • Side Hustles – More and more people are looking to turn their real-life passions into paying gigs. (up 690%)
  • Pegan Diets – People looking to eat healthy are interested in this part paleo/part vegan die.t (up 337%)
  • Oat Milk – Forget almond milk, oat milk is everyone’s new favorite milk alternative. (up 186%)
  • Mustard Yellow – The new “it” color in home décor, whether it’s full walls or accents. (45%)
  • God Parent Proposals – Forget just asking someone to be your baby’s godparent, now you’ll need to come up with a fun way to pop the question. (up 152%)
  • Cropped Bangs – When it comes to beauty, bangs that land just above the brow are looking to be the thing in 2019. (up 51%)
  • Powder Dipping Manicures – Forget the gel manicure, powder dipping lasts longer and is easier to remove (up 442%)

Click here for the complete list of 100

Source: Pinterest

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