Man Blasted For Calling Pregnant Wife Lazy

A doctor who was looking for sympathy online got anything but when he took to Reddit to inquire as to whether he was wrong for calling his pregnant wife “lazy.”

In his post, the man shares that both he and his wife are doctors but ever since she became pregnant with their first child she’s “become very different.” He notes that she’s lost interest in work, and expressed interest in quitting work to be there for their child. While she’s still working 30 hours a week, she’s stopped doing household chores, with the hubby noting she says “she is tired all the time,” even though she still goes out with her friends and watches a lot of TV.

“I yelled at her that being pregnant does not automatically make you disabled and unable to do anything,” the anonymous doctor wrote in his post, obviously looking for folks to back him up, but, as you can imagine, not many folks sided with him. 

  • “You need to give your wife a serious apology and take a more constructive approach to problem solving," one person wrote, while another added. "[You’re the a--hole] for exploding on her like that. Yes, you make 90% of the money, but she's shouldering 100% of GROWING A NEW HUMAN IN HER BODY.” And hen another noted, “The fact that we have to explain to him, a doctor, that pregnancy is hard on the body is...really really scary.”

Source: Fox News

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