Adults Under 35 Cause Decline In Wine Consumption

It will only be a matter of time before you start seeing the headlines, "Millennials Are Killing The Wine Industry" now that a new report has revealed adults under 35 years old are causing a "marked decline" in wine consumption.

The study titled "US Landscapes 2019" was conducted by Wine Intelligence, an industry consultancy group, who notes the number of US wine drinkers in 2015 has dropped from 88 million to 84 million last year.

Their findings also uncovered that "the proportion of frequent wine drinkers (drinking at least twice a week) among regular wine drinkers has also decreased significantly since 2015." Lulie Halstead, CEO of Wine Intelligence, pointed to younger people shifting away from alcohol "for a variety of health and lifestyle reasons," and choosing craft spirits, ciders, and beers when they do imbibe.

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