Krispy Kreme Releases Sweetheart Doughnuts

Despite there being no Sweethearts on candy shelves this year, Krispy Kreme has a way for you to express yourself to your boo.

Krispy Kreme has a new doughnut for Valentine's Day that looks like little candy hearts As we told you, a new company owns Sweethearts and aren’t making them until 2020, so this Valentine's Day there will be no little heart-shaped candies with messages on them like "Kiss Me" and "True Love."

Now Krispy Kreme is hoping to fill the void with doughnuts that look like Sweethearts. The company said Thursday that its new creme-filled doughnuts are heart-shaped, come in several bright colors and have popular Sweetheart phrases on them like "Be Mine." The Valentine Conversation Doughnuts will be available at Krispy Kreme from January 30th through Valentine's Day. Source: Thrillist

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