Lots Of Americans Worried About Late Tax Refunds

While the government shutdown may be temporarily over, a lot of folks are worried about how it will affect them when it comes to tax time. In fact, a new poll by Salary Finance finds that two in three Americans are concerned that they won’t be getting their tax return on time.

The poll finds that 36.9% of folks are “very worried” about not receiving their tax refunds on time, while 20.3% are “a little worried.” And it sounds like there’s good reason for folks to worry, because a lot of people are counting on that money to use for important things.

It seems 40.8% of people are planning to use that tax refund to pay off their debts and loans, while 16.2% are planning to use the money to pay off a medical debt and another 32.6% will use it to stabilize their bank accounts.

  • And should that refund be delayed, it will certainly cause some financial stress for folks. Without it, 42.9% of people say they’ll struggle to pay their bills, while 20.5% will take on additional debt and 12.1% will have to rely on family and friends to help them with their bills.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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