Pull Your Weeds Or You're Going To Jail!!


There's a big problem in Albuquerque with people not pulling their weeds, and the homeowners who are ignoring the city's warnings are now facing big fines and even jail time.

Overgrown weeds can be hard to avoid on sidewalks, behind alleys and in driveways.

"It is unsightly. Also, there's an allergy component to it as well," Carmelina Hart with the city's Planning Department said. "And then, they can dry up and turn into tumbleweeds, and then it becomes a fire hazard."

The city's code enforcement gives homeowners and businesses 15 days after the first violation notice to get rid of any weeds on its list of so-called nuisance weeds and weeds that are bigger than four inches. 

If necessary, the city will give home and business owners a second notice and another 15 days for the clean-up.

"If it's not remedied then, then it turns into a legal issue and it goes to court," Hart explained.

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