Logging Off Facebook Makes You Significantly Happier, Study Finds

Who's ready to delete your account? A new study from Stanford University and NYU finds that logging off Facebook leads to "increased subjective wellbeing, less political drama and attention span agitation, and increased time spent with friends and family," according to The Guardian . Or, as the study states about its findings, "Deactivation [of one's Facebook account] caused small but significant improvements in wellbeing, and in particular on self-reported happiness, life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety." The biggest downside? Study participants who deactivated their Facebook accounts were less aware of the day's headlines--which sounds pretty nice, come to think of it! Read more here https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/feb/01/facebook-mental-health-study-happiness-delete-account?CMP=fb_a-technology_b-gdntech

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