Blind & Deaf Dog Named MVP of Puppy Bowl 2019

Team Ruff enjoyed a 59–51 victory over Team Fluff on Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XV on Sunday. But the breakout star of the game was Team Fluff's Bumble, a blind and deaf dog who managed to score two big field goals. The 6-month-old pup, who's a mix between a Labrador, chow, Dalmatian, and Australian German shepherd, was just hours away from being euthanized when she was adopted, was named MVP with 70 percent of the vote. She's the first special-needs dog to ever win the title in the game's history. Bumble's owner Cindy Schmitt tells The Spokesman-Review that she hopes Bumble being named MVP will show viewers that special-needs dogs can have a high quality of life and make great pets. 


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