The Best Trader Joe's Frozen Food, Ranked

In the spirit of easy meal-planning, Uproxx has ranked the nine best frozen food items available at Trader Joe’s. Here what they think, on a scale of one to six pizzas:

  1. Mandarin orange chicken. Rating: 6 pizzas. You’ll to start stocking my freezer with bags of this stuff.
  2. Mozzarella Sticks. Rating: 5 pizzas. You’ll want to eat a bunch of these and then scream in your friends’ faces with garlic breath
  3. Gone bananas chocolate-covered frozen bananas. Rating: 5 pizzas. They’re perfect. 
  4. Spanakopita. Rating: 4 pizzas. The only reason they don’t deserve 5 pizzas is because they’re flaky and messy.
  5. Mini chicken tacos. Rating: 3 pizzas. They need assistance from pico de gallo or sour cream and hot sauce.
  6. Mac ’n cheese. Rating: 3 pizzas. These come in individual serving size, which is a minus. 
  7. Burrata, arugula and prosciutto flatbread. Rating: 2 pizzas. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice technical execution when it means you get to enjoy prosciutto. 
  8. Tamales. Rating: 1 pizza. The texture is better in Goya tamales, and the filling is more harmonious.
  9. Coconut shrimp. Rating 1/2 a pizza. Not worth the time pre-heating the oven.


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