Study: Dads Are Happier Than Moms

In what will come as a shock to zero moms out there, a new study finds that dads are happier than moms. Researchers from the University of California Riverside worked with 18,000 couples and found fathers are enjoying parenting more than mothers and it’s basically because they get to have more fun while they’re doing it.

The dads reported “greater positive emotions and fewer daily hassles” than the moms in the study. And that’s because more of the dads report actually playing with their children while taking care of them. Moms get this, and they’d rather be playing with their kiddos more too, but someone has to cook dinner, make sure there’s toothpaste and toilet paper in the house, and that everyone has clean underwear.

Sure, dads today do more household chores than their fathers and grandfathers did, but a lot of stuff is still on moms to remember, like what size clothes and shoes the kids wear and who likes what kind of jelly on their PB&Js. The study authors do offer a suggestion to fix the problem. They say parents - especially moms -should just try to play with their kids more. And they have a point. There’s a lot for moms to do besides playing with their children, but that laundry can wait for 15 minutes while you spend some carefree time with your little ones, who won’t be little for long.

Source: Scary Mommy

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